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Charlotte Center City Partners Announces 2016 Vision Award Recipients: 1616 Center

By Charlotte Center City Partners  |  2016 Center City Awards

1616 Award

Charlotte Center City Partners is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Vision Awards, annual honors intended to recognize and celebrate the contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations that have made the Center City a more vibrant urban core. During the 2016 Vision Awards, the organization will celebrate and explore what is next for Charlotte’s Center City th

Vision Award:

A community leader who has made the Center City more vibrant and extraordinary through his visionary leadership. The 2016 Vision Award will be awarded to Dr. Michael Marsicano, President and CEO of Foundation For The Carolinas to honor his 27-year legacy of civic, cultural and philanthropic leadership. Dr. Marsicano’s mastery of civic leadership is manifested in his willingness to tap into a diverse and broad network for the common good to benefit initiatives such as Project Lift, A Way Home and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force. Dr. Marsicano has helped shape the cultural institutions of Charlotte; his fingerprint is on every major cultural institution in the Center City. He is a leader in the business of philanthropy, guiding Foundation For The Carolinas by managing assets that have grown from $270 million to $1.8 billion, and now holding approximately 2,500 charitable funds. Dr. Marsicano continues to be a principal leader in revitalizing the North Tryon area of Uptown through his involvement in the Vision Plan effort, the establishment of the Foundation For The Carolinas headquarters as a convening and civic leadership center and art gallery, and in the restoration of the Carolina Theatre and hotel addition. We are proud to honor the vision, leadership and philanthropic achievements of Dr. Michael Marsicano.

Special Achievement Awards:

An organization, individual or business that has had major impact on Center City’s ongoing transformation.

First Ward Park

For creating a highly designed, peaceful yet dynamic urban park and gathering place in Uptown’s First Ward that contributes to the quality of life for residents, workers, visitors and citizens of Charlotte.  The park will catalyze ongoing development of the North Tryon area serving as a hub for transit riders and patrons of the 7th Street Public Market, ImaginOn, and UNC Charlotte students.

Recipients:  Mecklenburg County; Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation; ColeJenest and Stone

1616 Center

For raising the bar on architectural design, street level activation and the market for extreme mixed-use.  The 1616 Center has led the wave of providing much needed office development and strengthening South End as an employment center and a more complete and balanced urban neighborhood.

Recipients:  Mike Harrell, Beacon Partners; David Furman, Centro CityWorks; Steve Barton and Ryan Trimble, Axiom Architecture; Eric Laster, Edifice

Knight Foundation

For leadership in creative placemaking, through developing and sharing knowledge, providing civic leadership and making strategic investments through its grant-making program. Through transformative initiatives such as the Knight Cities Challenge and the West End initiative, the Foundation has developed thought leaders and civic innovators through intra-city exploratory visits, and by planting seeds through knowledge forums and primary research.

Recipients:  Charles Thomas, Charlotte Program Director; Susan Patterson, Former Charlotte Program Director

Settlers Award:

Center City businesses, institutions or retailers who have been key contributors to Center City’s quality of life.

Sarah Stevenson

For being a pioneer and leader in the City of Charlotte for more than 60 years through public service, the founding  of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum and as a respected Historic West End Elder.

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